Many people live in risk of catching dengue, a flu-like illness that can result in hospitalization and even death. Children are the most vulnerable. Payal is one of those children, but there are millions more. Join All Out® in the fight against dengue and together we can help protect your family and community from dengue.


You and your family could be at risk of catching dengue when infected mosquitos are present.

Avoiding Dengue

You can reduce the risk of dengue in your home and community by following these tips:

Clean up standing water.

Dengue-carrying mosquitoes breed in stagnant water so remove or throw away any standing water.

cleanup standing water

Plug in a liquid electric mosquito repellent.*

Dengue-carrying mosquitoes are most active during the day. When you get out of bed leave a liquid electric mosquito repellent plugged in to help protect you.


Use a mosquito coil.*

Guard against bites by using a mosquito coil in the house or in open areas like a veranda.


Cover your arms and legs and use mosquito repellent on your exposed skin.*

Reduce your risk of bites by covering your skin or masking exposed skin with a mosquito repellent.

cover your arms

Use a mosquito aerosol when mosquitoes are present.*

Any mosquito you see could be carrying dengue. Use a mosquito spray to protect yourself.


Identifying Dengue

Dengue is a mosquito-borne viral infection that causes flu-like symptoms and can develop into a potentially lethal complication called severe dengue. According to health officials the most common symptoms are:

  • FEVER – around 40°C
  • WEAKNESS – intense fatigue
  • PAIN IN THE BODY – behind the eyes and joints

If the sufferer also experiences vomiting, bleeding, intense abdominal pain, cold hands and feet, blue lips, or a drop in pressure they may have developed dengue hemorrhagic fever. In this case hospital care is necessary.

Always contact your personal physician when in doubt or suspicious of disease.

About SC Johnson India

SC Johnson, the makers of All Out® products, is a leading global maker of household products. A family company since 1886, SC Johnson opened its India office in 2005. The company is dedicated to driving awareness and prevention for mosquito borne diseases such as dengue fever in India. All Out® is SC Johnson’s main pest control brand in the Indian market. Through their efforts, SC Johnson hopes to educate communities on the disease while also providing tips on prevention and self-protection.