Why We Need Mosquitoes: Understanding the Mosquito Life Cycle

Why We Need Mosquitoes: Understanding the Mosquito Life Cycle

Mosquitoes do more than just make us itch.

It might surprise you how everyone’s least favorite buzzing insect actually plays an important role in the world’s ecosystems, and how each stage in the mosquito’s life cycle is important.

Consequences of Reproduction

Female mosquitoes bite because they need an external source of protein in order for their eggs to develop. Because a female mosquito can lay eggs up to three times in her lifetime, she will feed on multiple animals to develop eggs throughout each cycle. This is how viruses and other harmful microbes in an animals’ blood can be passed along by a mosquito, often times without it affecting its behavior. Diseases that mosquitoes carry can have an enormous effect on communities of people as well as on ecosystems with other animals such as monkeys, birds and even arctic caribou.

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